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  • Adjustment
    This is the primary means of treatment to your spine, and the most common appointment type. Please attempt to schedule adjustments for Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. 
  • New Patient Exam - Day 1
    FIRST TIME IN THE CLINIC, or have not been seen by the doctor in over 3 years. Also, if you have had a major change to your condition or a serious trauma (such as a motor vehicle accident), then this appointment type will be appropriate. The visit includes a consultation with the doctor, followed by a physical, orthopedic, and neurological examination, and x-rays of your spine. NOTE: Typically the first adjustment does not take place until the Report of Findings, so that the doctor has an opportunity to review the x-rays prior to treatment. 
  • Re-Activation Exam
    If you have not been seen by Dr. J in over 6 months, then we'll need to do a short exam to re-activate your file. Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a few forms prior to your scheduled exam time. 
  • New Patient Orientation
    This class will be taken AFTER patients begin care with us. We will present the areas of the Wellness Lifestyle to patients that are beyond what chiropractic care can do for them, and also teach you the posture correction exercises that are a daily part of your proposed care plan. All new patients should attend ASAP, in order to begin integrating the therapeutic exercises into your daily routine immediately. These exercises are CRITICAL to making any changes in your current posture abnormalities, and without them you are simply not going to see the progress that you desire. 
  • Consultation with Doctor
    This appointment type is for both existing and new patients. If you are a new patient and not certain of what chiropractic is or if you might be a good candidate for care, then the doctor will gladly sit down with you to discuss your current complaints and determine if this is the type of care you need. If you are an existing patient and have issues not previously discussed, new conditions, or changes in your current conditions that you would like to discuss with the doctor in greater detail than an adjustment time slot will allow for, then select this appointment type. 
  • Wellness Consulation
    If you would like to take a deeper dive into specific areas of the Wellness Lifestyle such as nutrition, fitness, stress relief, or toxicity, then this appointment will allow you and the doctor to have those conversations. Please note that this is a paid service, and adjustment visits need to be booked in addition to it. 



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